Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The New Year, 2012, part II

My usual New Year's resolution is to finish two old projects for every new one I start, and to finish the new ones that I do start too. This has done me well in years past. It has encouraged me to complete projects that have been around for a long time, sometimes YEARS, and others more recent. It also slows me down on starting something new, with out really thinking of where my time is best spent. I tend to jump into new projects with increasing frequency, something will catch my attention and I just HAVE to try it right NOW!! This is ok if it is just play time with new materials or techniques, but then I always want to make a project of my new ideas or samples. This creative impulse is FUN, but I have to show some restraint, or the project I put so much time and attention in to, will just sit in a bag and clog up my sewing room. Now that it is clean, I want to avoid that. My Christmas present to myself was to get my blog published into a book. The advertisement kept popping up on my blog, and I thought since it was the end of the year, it was a good time to do it. I have been blogging for 2 1/2 years, about my quilting, inspirations, creativity, photography and photoshop. I have really enjoyed the writing and sharing my thought and photos with everyone. I don't have many followers, but it doesn't matter to me, it is about expressing myself and sharing my quilting experiences. The book came quickly and I just love it. They did a beautiful job of it, the paper is beautiful and shows off the photos very well. They added a table of contents, and I got to choose the front and back cover photos and add a dedication. I am just thrilled, and very proud of it, everyone who has seen it, loves it, I just wish my Mom was here to share it with her. It has a few typos, and the photo captions, didn't always stay with the photo, but those are my mistakes, I wasn't planning on publishing when I was just blogging. So I highly recommend it to other people who blog, it is a permanent record of your thoughts and writing.

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