Friday, February 24, 2012

Play Day Too

Peggy came over for another play day, my "Gelli Plate" did not arrive in the mail on time, they emailed it was shipped on Monday, maybe I'll get it today. So we just played around painting more fabric with different items. We used Versatex Fabric paints this time, to see if they are any less stiff when finished. I did add fabric medium, when I wanted a thinner paint. I used four different items to paint with, a ladybug bubble wand, and a Celtic suncatcher from the Dollar Store, and some rug grid, and a leaf stencil. The ladybug had lots of circles within circles and created a very abstract pattern when overlapped, I also have a bee pattern. The plastic suncatcher was the best tool, it had enough relief to make a great rubbing with Shiva Oil Pastels, and also under the fabric, to run a paint roller over it. I bought several to share with people in the art group. The rug grid is 1/4" + woven canvas, and makes a great all over pattern, I can't wait to try it on the "Gelli Plate." I ran out of hand dyed fabric to paint over, so I just added fabric medium to a roller brush that all ready had paint on it, and rolled it all over a piece of damp muslin. I created a yellow/green blotchy background, then added dark green and rolled over a leaf stencil. The damp fabric really worked well with the paint roller, the roller was already saturated with paint, and the dampness pulled it out of the brush, with out constantly adding paint, like I had been. Peggy continued to print with her "Collagegraph" of birds, and leaves. I forgot to take pics while we were working. I think I will still add some Shiva Oil pastels to a few of the pieces to finish them off, they NEED shimmer, or maybe I just am addicted to shimmer!
Photos - 1. Leaf stencil, 2. Rug Grid, 3. Ladybug Bubble Wand, 4. Celtic Sun Catcher.

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