Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beatles Song Challenge

I am working on the new challenge for Fyber Cafe. Our textile group is going to do a 12 x 12 block with a Beatles Song theme. I got an idea in my head for a strawberry design, then refined it into a diminishing spiral to signify the "Forever" part of the song title. I did a quick full size sketch to get the size and dimension of the spiral correct, then sketched in strawberries, getting smaller and smaller along the spiral.
Selecting an assortment of red Bali batiks, I immediately started freehand cutting strawberry shapes, then I had to choose a background. The complimentary color of green worked well, a bright lime for the spiral and a darker green with lime dots for the background. Adding green tops, and using a glue stick to glue it all down was the next step. My sewing machine is going to be in the shop, so if I get out my spare machine, I might get the quilting done too.

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