Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting Sandy

After straightening up my fabric stash I could finally get to my "Sand" fabrics to work on the beach scene. Before I go further with the figures I had to work on the background, I can already see I am going to have contrast issues with the skin tones and the sand. Maybe the quilting outlines in rayon will give me enough of a contrast and help the figures stand out more. It looks really awesome, the fabrics blend together well, I will still be adding shadows on the sand, to the figures, and blending into the water will be a challenge. The sand castle will have to have contrast or you won't see it at all. I also worry about the black and white border collie being too stark, and drawing your eye to it. But I think it is a good start, I will probably be adding contrast and shadows to the sand, and giving it more depth, maybe with tulle overlays or organza. I also have hand dyed cheesecloth for sea weed, and real sea shells to embellish with.

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