Sunday, March 30, 2014

Series Ideas

I recently got the book, "Visual Guide to Working in a Series" by Elizabeth Barton. I just had to use my 50% off coupon at Joann's Fabrics. Working in a series on purpose (see previous post) is a whole 'nother ball game, than accidentally working in a series. It is taking some thought, as to theme, ideas, and techniques. I have been brain storming, and got out a sketch book. I finally thought about clocks/time. I like working in pencil and drawing thumbnail sketches of my ideas.
Notes, ideas, and words also get scribbled on the drawings. The book talks about parameters, focusing on certain points to have cohesiveness in your series. I wrote, BOLD numbers, PARTIAL Circles, CLOSEUPS, Graphic SHAPES. I also like the HIGH CONTRAST in the work Elizabeth does in her book, it gives a strong graphic quality to her work.
After doing more sketches, I worked on word associations, listing the hours of the day, and related activities. Next were words for different times of day, dawn, twilight, midnight, dusk, etc... and different phrases that use "time," nap time, military time, time for change, over time, half time, etc...
Then the final thought of the day ... "It is important when drawing a clock, where the hands are set, what feeling does that time evoke, why is it that particular time?" I was excited and wanted to jump right in, so I sketched out my first pic, full size in the 5" x 7" sketch book.
I made a quick mock up in magazine papers, I cut free hand and made the collage of papers, I wanted to create motion of the twist of the stem, and high contrast with the background. Another consideration was to make the case of the clock reflect light. Now to make it in Fabric. What do you think, please leave a comment.
The next thumbnail sketch that I tried, did not look good colored in crayon, so I went right to the magazine papers. In the 5" x 7" sketchbook, my idea was of a digital wrist watch and the segmented metal band, I wanted it a little more abstract. Abstract IS NOT my thing!! My first try had solid color papers of red and orange with a yellow frame, not good. The solid colors did not work, I over laid them with more textured colors of red & dark rust. Then the yellow band stood out too much, so I used a darker orange. Now, I did not have the high contrast that I wanted, so I used a heavy black Sharpie to outline it all. So playing around with papers, saved me lots of fabric, trying different combinations. I think I like this technique, but I need to cut up more magazines for my pallet, I did not have the colored papers I needed. For experimental work in a series, I'm glad I tried something new.

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  1. I'm not sure if the big first colorful pic of a watch face with the 3 is yours or not, but it's cool. The two red-orange rectangle pieces don't resonate with me, just personal thing. I struggle to abstract images, and am sort of drawn to abstractions that really give a sense of the item. It may be a failing in me.
    That said, the second orange band with the shading is more approachable to me, this is all my humble opinion cause you asked, but still there isn't enough of the watch in it to help me along. People like varying degrees of abstraction. You must make it to suit yourself. You gave me a moment of fun thoughts, made me define my taste, and that's really the gift! Thanks so much.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  2. I'm not a big abstract person either, i just had this thought when I was sketching, it's very different for me. I don't know that I will ever make it in fabric.