Saturday, April 5, 2014

I'm Thinking

After thoughts on the previous post, I am thinking, that is what working on a series is about, how do I make it better. I know they make traditional stop watches with numbers. Now everything is digital. To convey a "STOP WATCH" maybe I should have some runners in the background. Or do I stitch an outline of a runner on the background fabric, to help add to the theme. So it is not just a clock but a timer. But I don't want to take away from the graphic quality, no distractions - KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid! Maybe a larger format, and maybe carve a medium size stamp with a runner, to stamp on the background fabric. That would be a little more subtle. I drew some sketches in my sketchbook, my stick figures need work! At least I am putting some thought into it, BEFORE I work with the fabric.
Signs of Spring Just to add some color to this post. Harebell or Hyacinth? I also have them in blue and purple, at least the deer did not get them this year.

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