Sunday, July 22, 2012


I am WAITING for fun! Tomorrow my art friend Peggy is coming over for a play day. I have been wanting to work on some discharging, but I had to wait for my Dharma order of anti-chlor, it came quickly, now I'm waiting for my friend. I'm also waiting for our dye workshop in two weeks. I have wanted to try marbling for a long time, so our textile arts group "Fyber Cafe" finally got organized to try it at our workshop. We will be using paints, not dye, but we felt we needed enough space, and the outdoor environment(sort of in an open garage) so we could all work on it together. The anticipation is killing me. We got a marbling kit from Dharma, and one of the ladies in Fyber Cafe has all the trays and combs for us to use. I am sort of organizing this effort, so I need to cut up strips of newspaper, and get some supplies together. Also in the plans is ice dyeing, we have had several show and tell efforts to "ooh and ahh" over, and I am drooling to get started on this too. When I get to the workshop, I just vibrate with excitement!! and just have to go, go, go!! It is the highlight of my summer!! Heavy use of exclamation marks. So with all this fun running around in my brain, what to do in the mean time? I have been working on this months challenge for the site using muslin and watered down glue to make a crumpled-textured fabric, I have layered on tissue paper with more glue, and the next step is cheesecloth. But I have to go buy more cheesecloth, as all that I have is dyed, I have no white cheesecloth. This is the second time this has happened, I want white, and it is all dyed! I assume the next step is to paint the fabric we have created, but who knows, I'll have to check back on the site, and see what is next. So my creative juices are flowing, but I CAN'T WAIT!!

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  1. I hate waiting, have a fantastic day tomorrow.