Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Art Supply Caddy

I have been wanting for a while to make something to take a few art supplies on the road, or at least just have them handy for my sketch book. So I made an art supply caddy today. I used two fat quarters, added interfacing and some batting, stitched them together, and turned it right side out. The bottom 5" only has stiff interfacing, and it got folded up to make pockets for the supplies, 6" x 8" watercolor and brown craft papers, 24 set of colored pencils, 99 cent kids watercolor tray, brushes and an assortment of pens/pencils. The main back section has the thin cotton batting, and the top two inches has no filling. The top flap folds down to keep everything from sliding out, and has a few snaps to hold it in place. I learned from my mistakes, of having all 24 colored pencils loose in my backpack. I added a small pocket with flap to the out side front, for a small pencil sharpener, eraser and pencil leads for the mechanical pencil. The whole piece works as a three fold, right side in, then front side over the top, and is held together with a large copper leaf button and hair scrunchy, a button and scunchy are also on the pocket flap.

I did not add any embellishments, like the book covers, I just wanted to see how it would work out first. Maybe the next one can have some applique, or hand printed/painted fabrics. I think these would make some nice gifts for any artists that you know. I have been following and have been inspired to improve my drawing skills, and add a little color to my sketch book. I have always doodled and drawn quick sketches of quilt ideas, but I wanted to practice my drawing. Their monthly challenges are fun to try, and all the examples from their group of artists are inspiring.

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