Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jacquard Decolourant

Some of my finished pieces of discharged fabric need a little something extra, so I got out my Shiva paint sticks and added a copper metallic to the ginkgo leaves. I used the same small and large stencil that I had used to discharge, and added copper leaves all over the fabric. Now it needs to set a few days, and heat set with an iron, and then decided what I want to do with it.

I also added silver metallic paint stick to one of the pieces of fern fabric that I used the Declorourant Plus white on. Painting the ferns to overlap a little bit, added another dimension to the layers, and a ghostly silver/white. Is the picture clear enough to tell the difference between the tan discharge and the silver Shiva?

Several pieces of what I think are navy blue Kona Cotton fabric were floating around my table, so I did some more decolourant plus white, onto them. I used several different stencils, leaves, flowers, maple leaves and a smaller curly cue pattern. You can see in the one photo were one of the fabrics is only half coated with the decolourant. I've got them rinsing now, so I'll see if I got a good navy/white or if it discharged to tan.

Now to dream up another project to use the fabrics on. Any suggestions?

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