Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fun with T-shirts

I made two t-shirts for friends who are getting married on Valentines Day. Just for fun, we have been teasing them about playing in the shower and she fell and cracked her ribs on the side of the tub. So the shirt I made for her had s fused light blue fabric that says "Slippery when wet!" I drew the pattern calligraphy, it is stitched with blue rayon in a machine blanket stitch. I used a stiff fusible interfacing on the inside of the shirt for stability. I added several cutout-fused tropical fish to finish off the design and make it colorful. I stitched them with a clear nylon thread and a zigzag stitch.

For him I painted a quote, when he got down on one knee to proposed, he finished with "Now, help me get up?" more teasing! I ripped freezer paper into letters with a raw jagged edge, ironed them in place and used Shiva Oil Sticks to paint around the letters. This left a negative image of the words on the darker blue t-shirt. My teal frosted Shiva stick was rather dried out, and I had a hard time using it, I kept trimming away the dried areas, but it did not want to work. It was a lot of waste for an expensive art supply. The silver metallic worked a bit better, so I went over all the teal with the silver. At the lower part of the "T" I used two masks of hands, to paint around, after I adjusted one of them so the finger and thumb touch, to make an "OK" sign. I am going to embroider a gold wedding band with rhinestones fused on it held between the fingers. I used only the silver Shiva on the hands.

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