Saturday, February 2, 2013


I finally finished my challenge piece for the Fyber Cafe group. It is titled "Handmade" and is created with a basketry theme for the "Weaving" challenge. I used my original photographs for the background of the small quilt, and embellished it with acrylic paint printed grids, then I sewed on pieces of rug grid with cross stitches and beads. Then I used cross stitches to attach four sections of basketry I cut up. The words "Handmade" and "non-machineable" were rubber stamped on to the background, as I have never seen a machine made basket, I think a basket is something that has to be handmade.

Before I cut up the baskets I used superglue on them, so they would not fall apart when I cut them, I also coated them with matt medium to preserve them a little bit better. It is my first real abstract piece and I am very happy with the way it turned out. Each step/layer that I added just came to me as I was working on it, I just had to keep going and it all came together.

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