Saturday, February 23, 2013

Photo Transfer at Pat's

We had a wonderful time, printing photographs onto fabric, at Pat's on President's Day. A nice group got together, and brought their photos to download into Pat's new Laptop computer. I had a handout on preparing treated fabric, printing from Windows Photo Wizard, and printing from Adobe Photoshop. We mostly used the Photoshop program, because it allowed us to enhance the photos, kick up the color and contrast and otherwise play with them. We also wanted to print 8" x 10" to save fabric. Dorie and Meredith were impressed with how it could make an average photo (or photographer)into something special. We printed several photos for each person, and played with cropping and flipping images. By lunch time we were ready for a fabulous potluck, taco soup from Pat, homemade bread from Amy and brownies, banana bread and various other desserts. Really good cheesy-melty french bread from Landreth. After lunch we mostly talked about printing options and what to do with our photos, and called it an early day. I am looking forward to seeing what people make with their prints. For more info go to

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