Sunday, February 17, 2013

Looking forward

I am anticipating fun tomorrow at a Play Day at Pat's. The Fyber Cafe group is going to work on printing our photographs on to fabric. Pat has a new laptop and printer, so I went out to her place yesterday and we checked to make sure we knew what we were doing. It's a good thing we did, cause the new printer kept wanting to steal our photos from Photoshop, and we couldn't find the Windows Photo Wizard for a while. We also figured out how to download my photos from a flash drive and hers from her camera card. We printed onto fabric from Photoshop and Windows, and the fabric went through her printer great. So we are ready for about 8 ladies to join us on Monday. I got several quilts out for a trunk show of my photo-quilts, to demonstrate what can be done with photos on fabric, I also have several wonderful books to share. I updated my handouts for printing on fabric, and printing from Photoshop, so it should be an informative day. We are also going to sew projects from our photos.

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