Saturday, December 14, 2013


"KISS" Keep it Simple Sweetie" this is a quiet easy piece for my husband for Christmas. It has none of the fancy stuff, glittery spiderwebs, dragonflies or crystals. It is made to fit the table top, on his side table in the living room. It is a 3 legged table with the cut corners, in the shape of the quilt top. He uses it for the remote, his book and to eat a lot of his meals on. He has an old place mat on it, that has seen better days. Maybe he can keep some of the food crumbs off of it, but I'm not holding my breath. It is a heavy blue linen/cotton? I used the Jacquard Decolourant Plus White and my hand cut stencils.
I used a bright blue rayon thread to outline and add veins to the leaves. Then I used a white chalk pencil to draw in the same type of leaves and flowers to the rest of the background. I quilted the background and got a nice flat surface for setting items on the table. I trimmed the edges and batting, and turned the backing fabric to the front, for an easy flat binding, that I then machine stitched.
It will be a surprise, as he doesn't play on the computer at all. I keep looking at the ratty old place mat and keep thinking about giving it to him NOW.

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