Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Moonlit Moths" finished

"Moonlit Moths" finished. See previous posts for clearer photos. The binding is done, the Swarovski crystals are on and it just glitters and glows in the moonlight. I had problems with the crystals, apparently I had bought a very large packet of NOT hot fix crystals. Argh, the glue backing not being there, meant they would not melt and a fix to the quilt. What to do?? I had a tube of Gel Super Glue, a little dab with a toothpick, and they stayed right on. Don't try this with non gel glue, it would just soak in and not adhere. Some little bit of smearage with the glue was ok. So far they are staying on real well. Now I remember that I have a bottle of "Aylene's Jewel It" that would have worked as well. I have a friend that invested $$ in buying all sorts of glues and using them for rhinestones, then washing them to test them. She recommended the Aylenes Jewel It, as the best of the glues, for that purpose.
I also discharged a piece of the black fabric for the label, I did not want to use just a piece of muslin to write on. Without the colored thread it looks very gray, but it served its purpose.


  1. I have e-mailed you 3 times and it doesn't seem to be getting through to you!!

  2. Thank you Gerri, I got your email, I was having trouble connecting, due to snow storm I think. Check is in the mail, Thursday :) I got your package, LOVE IT even more than the photo!