Monday, December 23, 2013

"Singing the Bathroom Blues"

The first photo shows the fabric with discharge paste, before ironing. I used Jacquard's Decolourant Plus White. After ironing the paste activates and bleaches the fabric. Then you rinse off the paste residue.
"Singing the Bathroom Blues" my newest piece of discharged botanicals. I really like blue, I got about four yards of this heavy weight linen/cotton(?) at my friend's garage sale. I've already used a lot of it. My bathroom has cobalt blue tiles, on half the walls and the built in "Roman style" tub, and the counters. This is going in the bathroom window to keep out the cold from an aluminum frame window. The quilted piece that is there for 20(?) years is deteriorated badly from sun and moisture. My kitchen and dining room is blue and white too, because my China pattern is "Blue Onion, Blue Danube" so I have a hard time at Christmas, not to use red. Then I end up with red, white and blue, so I look for stuff with snowflakes, or snowmen on a blue sky background. My kitchen has morphed into blue, white and yellow, kind of a French Provincial look.
I used a light blue rayon thread to outline and detail the foliage, and a dark blue rayon with a small stipple in the background. It does not have any of the fancy stuff on it like the others, such as the shimmery spider webs or the crystals. I kept it rather simple and plain.
And finally, Poppy seams to have a sixth sense about when I finish a quilt and leave it unguarded on my table for even a few minutes.

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  1. Found you through Quilting Gallery, as i was looking through the blogs of Oregon. My cat, too, seems to have a sixth sense about a new quilt finished or not, and lays (sprawls) out. I only have to turn my back for a few seconds, and he's in the middle of it. Too cute!