Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fabric book, continued

I have worked on the pages of the book, two at a time, in facing pairs, and tried to develope a theme in each set of pages. Sometimes it was just a color theme, supported by vintage buttons and flower and fabric choices. Other times it was an element of the decor, birds and birdhouses, rabbits and violets, copper bells, the Tonka trucks were fun to work with, I added wheels and construction elements, pink flamingos was fun too, I added vintage pink rhinestone buttons, palm trees, and other flamingos. On several of the garden scenes I carried the picket fencing up to the page design. I added lots of tree branches with various leaves and silk flowers. All the silk flowers are beaded, as well as all the fabric butterflies and dragonflies. Beads and embroidery accents help blend the buttons to the page, so they don't stick out so much, a cluster of beads helped the buttons, so they didn't look so out of place, just stuck there for no reason. I used a little bit of paint , gold around the edge of the sun, some stamped leaves, and I made a wire rug beater to sew onto a page and used it to stamp the design onto the page also. I notice there is a lack of ribbon and lace, it just didn't come into usefullness with the garden scenes. I did embroider a few words onto the pages. I also used some metal tags with words on them. I was limited to useful words that I could find in the collection at the store, if I could have printed my own, it would have been unlimited. But it was a challenge to make a cohearent phrase out of the choices I had. Although going through the tags was lots of fun! I also found some metal letter beads that I had gotten at a garage sale, I spelled out Joey's dog "Summer" on the back page above her photo. Of coarse I didn't have enough letters to do Aurora too, so I went and got some plastic letter beads. You always run out of the useful letters, the vowels and s, t & r. And then you have to go buy another pack of beads. So you end up with a whole bag of q, z, x and j. I finally finished all of the embellishments, what fun it was palying with all the "STUFF" My table was piled high with fabric, bead trays, button boxes, embroidery thread, boxes of silk flowers, and tons of other stuff. It was great to use some of the stuff I had been hoarding. Now onto assembling the project into an acordian style book.

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