Thursday, August 13, 2009

Part III, continued

Part II continued, oops, I was trying to spell check those last two words and thought I had deleted the whole entry. So please forgive the spelling mistakes, I know they are wrong, but it published instead of corrected the words. At least it wasn't lost. Spontinaeity, and intuitiveness, however they are spelled, are the driving force of the day. It probably helped that I wasn't "drawing" anything, if I had drawn lines, swirls or shapes, I would have been "thinking" about what I was doing with my hands. What way should the line curve, "oops, wrong way" making judgements about my decisions. This was so "freeing" letting it flow. The last workshop, when we were painting with the dyes, that is what happened, we were trying to make something, a picture, trying to control the outcome, instead of just making a mess with dye layers, imprinting, marks and color. We had brought lots of tools for printing, bubble wrap, brayers, string, rubber stamps, and masking tape. We were still trying to "DO" something with it. Instead of just playing with texture, colors, layers. We were hesitant, unsure of our tools, or techniques or what we were trying to achieve. I can really see alot of growth in the way I approached this workshop. Maybe just the excitement overwhelmed me. I was so focused on what I was doing, I didn't even pay much attention to what other people were doing. I answered questions, passed tools and paper towels, tried not to get in the way or get run over when I put my fabrics out to dry. I stayed focus on what I was doing. No bathroom breaks, no stopping to take photos, I hardly wanted to stop for lunch. But it was especially nice not having the phone ring, my husband wanting to go out, stopping to sweep the kitchen floor, just because I went in there to get a paper towel or rinse fabric in the sink. All the thousand different things that interupt our daily lives, interfereing in the process of making art. Just playing and having FUN!!

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