Sunday, April 20, 2014

Citra Solv

I was going to play with some Citra Solv on some National Geographic pages, to make some nice inked papers to use in my art work. I was told the ink would transfer to fabric very nicely and be permanent. I got out the rubber gloves, the magazine, a plastic covered board, and then....ta da... I knocked over the bottle of Citra Solv. I lost about half the bottle and some very choice words were shouted! The bottles are tall and tippy, so a BIG WARNING to everyone trying this technique. However my hard wood floors really liked it a lot! And my studio will smell nice and orangey for a very LONG time!! Check out some blogs and "Image Transfer with Citra Solv" on You Tube videos. Check out artist Cathy Taylor for basic info, and other artists - Susan Cornelis, Pam Tucker, Carol Andrews, and Terri Allen. I'll let you know how my attempts turn out.

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