Saturday, April 26, 2014

Writing Papers

While taking a break from sewing, I still needed something creative to do, just a quickie, to be a little creative. I have always enjoyed how other artists put writing into their art work, with rubber stamps, silk screen, or hand written with a pen. So I wrote out a full page of my handwriting, stream of consciousness, nature narrative, the birds, sky, mountains, rivers, trees, to the beach, sand and sea shells. It is a very personal addition to the artwork, as it is my own handwriting. I scanned it into the computer and printed out several copies that I could play with. The first thing I did, was use watercolor to paint the page with various colors. Blending warm and cool colors around the color wheel. I probably should have scanned this color version too, but I can always paint another. I wanted to make a card for my sister, so I painted some water color paper, with some background colors, and ripped the writing into flower petals, using the pink/red/purple colors. A blue/green stem and two leaves finished off the simple composition. I used gel medium to adhere the papers to the background. I was surprised that the printer ink did NOT smear, and neither did the water color paints when I put the gel medium on it. The colors glowed, so I had to screw it up! I painted some dots with sequin waste and acrylic paints, a few was good, but I got carried away and did too many. Then I did some darker ones for contrast, and it was too busy. So I went back over the dark ones with a white blend to have fresh brighter colors. I finished it off with gloss medium and a little bit of glitter paint.
It was a fun little project, done in little bits of stolen time, one layer at a time. I wrote a cheery note on the back for my sis, I was going to mail it plain, like a postcard, but decided to put it in an envelope. Getting fun snail mail is a wonderful surprise, no one writes letters any more, all I ever get in the mail is bills and ads. My husband has been getting some get well cards/thinking of you cards, and they really cheer him up. I like the look the writing gives to the art work, as a main design element or in the background, I can print it on fabric, run thru the computer, or layer it with a photo in the computer too. I might try printing it on the tissue paper, like I did the photo transfer for my "Leonardo Da Vinci" art quilt and gluing in to fabric with the gel medium. It brings to mind lots of "What Ifs?" and it's play time again!
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  1. I forget to work with paper!! I used to paint exclusively. I am fiber girl now. I just love the colors, the blend of textures in the print and the movement. Nice job.
    LeeAnna Paylor
    Not Afraid of Color!

  2. A friend said work on paper, then if you have something you likee, print it on fabric with your computer