Monday, June 18, 2012

Garden Tour

Saturday our textile arts group "Fyber Cafe" exhibited at a garden tour, sponsored by the League of Women Voters. It was a fun day, we spent two hours hanging the textiles through out the garden, then spent the day playing with paints and watercolor crayons. We did demos for the visitors, but mostly just played. I made more "Gelli" prints, but used natural materials from my garden, ferns, candy tuft, geranium and maple leaves. I used the leaves for masks on the first layer, then used foam stamps to add additional fern, leaf prints, and some dragonfly stamps too. I want to add extra paint layers to the fabric, so none of them are really finished.

It was a wonderful event, a great opportunity for our group to present ourselves to the public. Unfortunately we did not sell any pieces, most of the people who came through were gardeners, not specifically looking for art work. This is the first year for the event, so maybe in the future it will attract more art lovers than gardeners. But the comments were great, everyone did appreciate what they saw, and loved our work. Because of the word cafe in our group name, everyone thought we might have a store/restaurant.


  1. We have events like this in our area that, I'm told, do very well. Yours looks like it was beautiful. Good luck in the future!

    I love the gelli prints. Gelli plates are so fun to play with!

    1. I am addicted to the gelli plates, I end up adding extra layers of stamping/printing or metallic paint tho. I just can't get that effect with trying to paint something. thanks for checking out my site.