Friday, June 22, 2012

Preparing for Pat's Play Day

Our textile arts group "Fyber Cafe," is having a play day next Tuesday, so I have been getting ready for some of the projects. I will be doing a demo with the "Skinny Strips" from the blog It will make a piece of fabric that will work well with the journal covers we plan on making. I also made a piece of embellished fabric with a strip of a photo I had leftover, some batiks, dyed cheesecloth and melted Lutrador. This will also be used for a journal cover. We will also be doing a variety of other sewing projects, covers for small spiral bound notebooks, a small change purse or other purse patterns. If we have time Kay will also do a hands on weaving project with found natural materials that she teaches to school kids in Alaska. So it will be a productive busy day, we can embellish all these projects with a variety of stuff also. Looking forward to just visiting with the creative ladies of our group, and PLAYING!

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