Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Journal Covers @ Pats Play Day

A bunch of us got together at Pat's for a play day, sewing journal covers for black and white composition books, and for smaller spiral notebooks. We had a great time, sewing "skinny strips" into our hand dyed fabric to accent and add interest to the fabric. When we had what we wanted, Pat helped us trim to size and layer with lining, batting and pocket flaps. The sewing was quick, after getting everything assembled. I had one piece of fabric already done as a sample, and another I put together with scraps from a photo project. These plus the third piece I made that day, created some really interesting journal covers. My fabric was a red/orange/yellow dyed print that I added yellow and fuchsia strips to, or yellow and red strips. The one with the red, also got embellished with extra trim, dyed cheesecloth and yarn, and when I got home I added vintage red plastic buttons. I had made, at home, two smaller spiral notebook covers as sample for the workshop, I made a handout with directions, but we didn't have time for that technique. Mine were made out of two hand made soy wax batik fabrics, from the dye workshop at Vera's. Both were pink and purple, printed with cookie cutters, one stars and the other flowers, they worked great for covers, I had a hard time trying to use them in quilts, because of the large pattern. I added Angelina fibers to the stars and beads and couched thread to the flowers, both have a button & hair scrunchy closure.


  1. These are really lovely. Just beautiful.

  2. Thank you Judy, they are great gifts, and fun to make. I always have a notebook or journal with me for doodles, sketches and quilting patterns.