Friday, September 27, 2013

Foto Friday & Stash Saturday

I'm going to add a new feature to the blog, on Fridays I am going to post a few inspirational pictures for you, and on Saturday I'll post some pictures of the various treasures in my stash. Maybe not every Friday or Saturday, but I'll try.
Ever since I got my new camera a while ago, my goal has been to make art quilts based on some of my photos, I have a vast variety of photos and I hope they can inspire you to create beautiful pieces of art. I am going to start with some flower pics, that I have cropped into very tight closeups. I can use the macro and super-macro on my camera, but a lot of times it is just easier to crop a regular picture. You get more depth of focus on a regular picture, closeups are difficult to get focused well.
I think the azalea would be difficult to do as there is not enough contrast between light and dark on the PINK petals, but the bee detail is great. I also love the negative space between the bottom clematis petals.
The long reaching petals of the bee balm are really individual flowers, each with their own sepal, and the cluster in the center of hellebore is detailed and intricate. My choice would be to use the clematis for the basis of a art quilt pattern, the flower petal shapes are distinct, and the individual sepals are intricate. As I look at fall fast approaching, I can look back and be inspired by the bright colors of summer, and a floral quilt would give me much joy to work on during the dreary rainy Oregon Autumn. I hope these can inspire you as well.

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