Saturday, September 28, 2013

Leonardo Continued

I am making progress on my Leonardo Da Vinci quilt. The main photo of Leo has been placed in the center with mat medium over the printed tissue paper. I was worried about getting enough glue over the large area, or getting a big wrinkle in the tissue, but it worked smoothly. All though the image sketch lines were very vague, I was able to see them enough to quilt them. I cautiously started to free motion quilt, I had a good selection of threads, but it did not matter much, which color I used. The background print colors were more important. As I stitched I decided to do a minimum of stitching, and not "thread paint" as I had intended. The fine delicate lines were too hard to follow, and I did not want to hide all Leo's delicate shading.
Outlining the edges of the individual pages in cream thread, helped them pop off the background, even more then the painted shadows. The applique pieces at the bottom right, a sketchbook, feather pen, paint brushes and small pots, will add interest and details to a rather monochromatic design. It feels good to make such quick progress on this deadline piece. I had thought about it a long time before I began, and I think that planning made it go so smoothly, that it wasn't a panic situation. My usage of different techniques when I needed them, on an original design, was a confirmation of all the technique lessons I had worked on in the past. It gave me a wide range of options to choose from when I needed them. It's great when it all comes together!

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