Friday, September 27, 2013

Stash Saturday

MY STASH IS HUGE!!! Not just fabric, but embellishments of every sort. I literally have shoe boxes, pizza boxes and open shelves stacked clear to the ceiling! I do NOT waste space in my sewing room. My fabric is sorted by colors and fabric types. I have my Bali batiks separate, also my nature realists fabrics, my undersea prints, and my "Objects" stash. The objects fabric stash is a collection of fabric that I use for fussy cutting. If I need a crocodile, I have fabric to cut that from, baseball, got it, pink flamingos, monopoly money, painted car flames, birds, butterflies, feathers, and snake skin prints. I even have some Elvis/blue suede shoe fabric. It is the real fun stack of fabrics. Sunflowers, cows, dice, fish, etc... Also I have boxes of beads, buttons, trim, silk flowers, rhinestones, needle felting fibers, wire, ribbon roses. It is all labeled, but not always handy to get at.
I have a selection of vintage buttons, not as many as a serious collector, but LOTS of buttons to go through. The first pic is some brass buttons, I found in my Mom's button jar. She does not have just a mason jar, she has a five gallon glass pig!! She filled it up on trips to the flea market in California, 30 years ago. When my Mom was moving to Seattle, a friend who is in the button society, came to visit, we dumped all Mom's buttons onto cookie trays on the dinning room table, and went through them one by one. Suzie did not believe me when I told her how many there were. We each got a huge pile of buttons, Suzie got some very special ones that she bought from Mom, I got lots of fun stuff, as I am not a collector, just an embellisher. We had a ton of fun, and Mom reminisced about some of her or Gramma's dresses that some of the buttons came from. The vintage Rhinestone buttons came from the PIG and my sister's finds on E-bay. She had wanted me to decorate a jean jacket with them for her. I finally used some on her jacket and got it back to her. I also have a separate stash of Mother of Pearl buttons. Some donated to me, there are some newer plastic ones, but most are made from real shell. I have decorated Christmas ornaments with them in the past. Using a glue gun, I put MOP buttons all over a silver or white ornament, and a big button on top, put the hanging wire back in, and add a wire ribbon bow at the top. They make great presents to your sewing buddies. I have the MOP buttons in a replica Singer tin, with 3 drawers and little brass window frames for the name tags on each drawer.
Well I hope you enjoyed the visit with some of my buttons. Check back next week to see what else is in my stash.

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