Saturday, March 24, 2012


Photos: Still adding beads. Chartreuse leaves, made with Lutrador.

I just can't wait for our Tuesday Play Day at Vera's. Today is the first day of spring break, I slept in late, walked to the coffee stand for a Sugar Free Mocha hazelnut, yumm! and came back and quilted. I went to Joann's Fabrics and got more plain white fabric for the painting, and also a light blue and a light peach. Vera has a bolt of Prepared For Dyeing fabric, but it is a muslin color, which is fine for dyeing, but I prefer the white when printing and some of the fabric shows through. Micheal's Crafts had bottles of acrylic on sale so I bought an assortment of new paints. I am trying to finish a few more of the "Gelli Prints" I made, but the hand work to embellish them has slowed me down, my hands hurt too much, so I just sew a few beads everyday, or stitch the sleeves down or hand print label patches. I tried to find one to work on that did not need beads, so I machine quilted a pale yellow leaf print, with a bark textured background. Then I painted and melted holes in some "Lutrador" and stitched leaf outlines and veins on it. After cutting them out I stitched them down 3-D, and added a twisted fabric branch to tie them together.

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