Thursday, March 1, 2012


This is what procrastination looks like! I am VERY good at it. Last Friday night, I should have been finishing a Christmas present(only quilters understand Xmas presents in February) and I decided to cut up some sports fabric I had for my nephew. I started cutting 6 1/2" squares of a variety of fabrics, baseballs, soccer balls, equipment etc... and I just kept going. I saved the biggest piece for the border and maybe the backing. Instead of putting the stack of squares away, I started to sew them, and never stopped. I knew if I stopped it would end up in a drawer or shoe box for several years, so I kept at it. I can be very stubborn, and I didn't feel like doing anything else, so I sewed, and sewed, and it got bigger and bigger. After using all the squares, I added a border and finished the top by Sunday afternoon. Whew, a marathon, I always say, "Yea, you can do a quilt in a day, a 24 hour day!" It will eventually be for my nephew, he is a great soccer player, and he is going to college right now. Maybe I'll get it quilted in time for graduation. Ha, ha, ha, maybe! I have started to make, adult, queen size quilts for my nieces and nephews, they all have baby quilts, and got wall hangings, as they were growing up. Now as they are into adulthood, between 16 and 28 years, they need bed quilts. The first one is going out to my niece who is getting married in April, as soon as I can get it packaged and shipped. So now I need to decided what else I don't want to do, and get something else made instead.

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