Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Even More Gelli Prints

Peggy is right, this is addicting, she made a gelatin plate the old fashioned way, and has been printing landscapes with directions from Quilting Arts magazine. I spent a little time making a few more "Gelli" prints. I wanted to try some of the different masks that I had made. I used a butterfly, hand and tulips masks, and scanned them into the computer, so I don't have to redraw every time I need one. The butterfly with the moon is my favorite one, I just cut a circle out of freezer paper, it has a shimmery opalescent turquoise acrylic paint, I already know how I want to quilt and embellish this one. Also the pink hand will be fun to embellish, bracelet, watch, rings, etc... I have to finish some other stuff before I start quilting these. More paint is needed, a shopping trip to Micheal's, yea, it takes quiet a bit of the liquid cheap bottle paints.


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    1. Thank you Barb, I tried getting you on Google friend/follower but it did not connect. Have you tried this yet? I think the ones I screwed up,I did not take pictures of either, I will cut up and embellish as Artist's Trading Cards. Hate to throw the un-perfect ones away, just not enough contrast or smeared paint, or I made mud. I am good at making mud. I'm going to look for paint that is a little more transparent, not so opaque, so the layers show through better.