Friday, March 9, 2012

Masks for Gelli Printing

I made several pages of masks for the Gelli printing process. I had started out using freezer paper, and after 1 or 2 uses they were no good anymore, and I had to make new ones. So I decided to make a whole page of masks, scan them into the computer and then I can print them when I want one. I made a page of several different butterflies, teacups, fruit(apples, pears, cherries, lemon) teapot, creamer and sugar, tulips, and I traced my hand, did a left and right and a smaller one too. So when I went to do some Gelli printing I cut out a bunch of tulips, made light colored textured backgrounds, arranged the tulips, in pairs, trios, with the page horizontal and vertical, and had some fun trying different arrangements. If I had to make each tulip cutout as I needed it, I would have lost the creative spontaneity. See the previous post for some examples of finished prints. Make your own page of masks, or I give you permission to save and copy my masks, to use for your own personal projects. Peggy said she made some fish masks, I'm thinking of quiet a few more pages to draw and scan. I can certainly paint and print, faster than I can quilt them, so maybe I need some restraint(oh Yea, that's gonna happen!) I hope you give it a try, you can order the "Gelli Plates" from and watch the instructional videos on their blog, they were very helpful teaching tools and beautiful examples to look at. You can also make your own gelatin plate, directions are in the February Quilting Arts Magazine. Use 4 packets of unflavored gelatin to one cup of cold water, stir to disolve, add one cup hot water, pour into a 9x9 pan, set for several hours or overnight. You can remove the gelatin from the pan or use it as is, roll acrylic paint on the gelatin with a brayer, stamp, draw or impress objects into the paint. Lay a piece of fabric on top and smooth with your hands. Lift off the fabric and dry, add additional layers if desired.

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