Friday, March 16, 2012

Daffodils & Crocus, Pink Hand

I finished the quilted wall hanging "Daffodils and Crocus" it is made from my photographs printed onto treated fabric and printed through my computer printer. One of the authors I read said something about finding your own recognizable style, I had to think long and hard about that one. What is it about your quilts, that makes them instantly recognizable as yours? It finally dawned on me, it was the intense quilting with rayon threads, that tied all my quilts together. Wether it was an applique quilt, art quilt, or vintage quilt, I love the texture of dense quilting. I don't use rayon on my vintage fabric quilts but the quilting for texture is important. When thread painting photographs, I use many different shades of green, and the flower colors, I have to quilt ALL the details in the background as well. What started out as a quickie spring project became an intense quilting experience. It certainly gets my spring fever in full bloom, pun intended! I also finished another "Gelli Print" journal page, it is a hot pink hand with a blue-purple background with 1/2" circles in the background patterning. I quilted around all the circles, and added details to the hand, knuckles, fingernails and texture. It is embellished with a beaded bracelet and ring. I call it "Caught Pink Handed" it reminds me of when I use fabric dye and forget to wear rubber gloves. My hands have been many shades of different colors, I hate wearing the gloves.

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