Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10,000 Hits

WOW! I was waiting for the 10,000 hits, and some how I got almost 2000 hits today. What happened? I think maybe a scavenger hunt from something called vampire stats.com?? Any way, I have had about 20 loyal followers for all the time I have been on the blogoshere, and I want to THANK THEM for staying with me. I know many of my friends in Fyber Cafe and the Umpqua Valley Quilters Guild also check me out all the time. Please take the time to become a follower, and please leave comments on what you like, or don't like. I need some feedback to know what I can do better. I have added a "Foto Friday" and a "Stash Saturday" to spice things up a bit, and give you more inspiration. I have added labels to all my posts, so now, you can find certain subjects that interest you, just by clicking on that label. I'm also trying to setup a photo slide show of my art quilt photos, but Picasa has not been cooperative so far. I think I need to download smaller files of just my art quilts, in a limited album. The favorite post so far has been "How to Thread Paint a Dragonfly." I have also been taking more step by step photos of the projects I'm working on, so you have a better understanding of the techniques I've used. If you have done any projects based on something you've learned or seen on my blog, please email me a photo, and a link to your site, and I'll post it too. I know my art quilting has been improving, I hope my writing style has too, I'm always searching for new techniques and projects to try and share with you. I'd also like to thank the wonderful members of Fyber Cafe for their friendship, and inspiration, challenges, workshops and play days. So please, everyone have fun being creative, have no fear, be inspired and PLAY! -AMY

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