Friday, October 11, 2013

Foto Friday 3 - Texture

Quilting by nature is a two dimensional structure, layers of fabric with a batting. By running quilting thread through the layers, quilters create texture. Hand quilting, and cotton batting, and many washings has given vintage quilts a soft wrinkled texture. Modern quilters are giving quilts texture with more than just quilting stitches. By layering organzas, silk, melted Tyvek and Lutrador, by doing fancy stitching with textural yarns, and needle felting, quilters strive for texture in their art work. Folding fabric flowers and making 3 dimensional objects, has taken quilts even further off the flat layer. Use these texture photos to give you inspiration for your quilting stitches, folding or layering. Print them on fabric and use them for backgrounds, or as a main piece for your art, cut and piece them in different patterns. Recreate them in fabric with paint, dye, crayons, Shiva Oil Sticks, or screen prints or Linoleum block carving. What if you......
Try taking your own textural photo graphs to inspire you. A simple walk around the block will give you rock walls, metal sewer covers, leaf & grass textures, tree bark, gravel, fences, and many more. Open your eyes and look at things from a different viewpoint. Play and create texture in your artwork.
These are some of the textures I've created with needle felting, yarns and beading, on my piece titled "To Nurture and Protect II"

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