Friday, October 25, 2013

Botanical Gelli Prints

I cut a few more stencil/masks, some smaller leaves and some dragonflies. This is an arrangement of several stems together, with the dragonflies. I have posted this on Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday please check out these other wonderful textile artists.
The first photo is a finished Gelli print, after I have added printing and stencils to it. The 2nd pic is how the Gelli print first turned out. I used several masks over a mauve paint, then laid down the fabric, it turned out very crisp and clear, but it needed more layers. I stenciled a darker mauve with a poppy pod, and extra foliage, the stencils worked well and the X-ray plastic was easy to wash the paint off of. I used several shades of paint a white pink and a darker one, with a sequin waste for a stencil, it added a lot of texture to the background, and some highlights to the pods and leaves. I think all my Gelli prints I made yesterday will get this multiple layer treatment.
These are the original prints, just using the masks. I made several different colorways, I used large jars of Versatex Textile paints, to see if I got a different feel than the cheap $1 acrylic bottles. I also added a colorless extender, hoping for more transparency, I think it helped a bit, it's not as opaque/chalky as the cheaper paints, but it covered well.
I think you can see the quality of the paints best, on the ghost prints. There was plenty of paint to get a good print, and transparent enough when I added a 2nd print, to show through. You can compare the ghost and the original side by side.
After making the ghost print, I also used the peeled off masks to make a print onto a clean piece of fabric. I think I like these the best, I can't wait to add more layers to them, but I've never liked how the white/muslin background looks. I may add a light wash of paint to the backgrounds. So I am very happy how these turned out, especially the layered mauve one, now to play with the others.
THIS IS ALSO MY 200TH POST! Thank you everyone for following.


  1. painting and stencils must be in the air. I've been playing with them for the last three weeks!
    LeeAnna Paylor

    1. It's a good indoor activity, our next group challenge is "Weather Report" I think I'll use some of the botanical prints, with the title "slightly breezy with a chance of dragonflies"

  2. I never have enough layers when I try painting. This gives me more ideas on how to add layers. Thanks!

  3. Kathy, I'm going to add even more layers, when I quilt I'll add a stitch pattern the same as the pods and leaves, to make an even deeper background. And I might add some metallic paints too, and thread painted dragonflies or Angelina dragonflies.