Friday, October 4, 2013

Foto Friday 2 - Sunflowers

Here are some bright and cheerful sunflowers to inspire you. They give me a very Autumn feel as the squirrels run around collecting seeds and nuts. I told my sister once that "you can't take a bad picture of a sunflower." I proved that when I went through the 143 photos of sunflowers I have in my file. Trying to pick just several for posting was difficult.
My sister and her neighbor have a contest every summer to see who can grow the tallest and biggest sunflower. I am amazed how big they can get, they save seed from their best ones and trade with other friends. Sharing at it's best. One year the squirrels got to it, and planted seeds everywhere in her yard. She had sunflowers all over, even in her lawn. I have made several sunflower art quilt wall hangings, one a photograph, that I added 3-D petals to, and machine quilted and beaded the center. As I finished the stressful deadline for the Leonardo quilt, I wanted something quick and easy to just play with, so I printed a sunflower photo, divided it into 3 parts, rotated, rearranged and added some hand dyed fabric, then machine thread painted it. It is coming out very colorful, and fun. I'll post it when I am finished.
So please, enjoy this bouquet of sunflowers I have picked for you! - AMY

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