Sunday, October 6, 2013

Finished - "Leonardo's Sketchbook"

"Leonardo's Sketchbook" is finished! It's ready to go off on a world tour, of Japan, France & the U.S. I am VERY happy with the results. I did not do all the thread painting I had envisioned. I kept the quilting simple, and let the images speak for themselves. The applique at the bottom added objects to focus on the sketchbook idea, feather pen, brushes and pots of ink/paint. The sketchbook itself has a small sketch from the last supper. On the opposite page are "Leonardo's Sketchbook" and "AMVMMXIII" my initials and 2013 in Roman numerals. My initials make great roman numerals!
The last photo shows the quilting on the back of the quilt, the top 4" are covered by the sleeve, so you can't see the "Last Supper." Everyone keeps telling me the statue of David is Michelangelo's, but this is a sketch from Da Vinci. Maybe just a man's pose or maybe he copied the statue. Ancient Plagiarism!


  1. Impressive! I particularly like how the quilting for the feather works on the back.

  2. Thank you Margaret, I like being able to see the picture on the back. Sometimes I use a black backing and matching thread in the bobbin, then you can see the whole picture in thread.

  3. It is 50cm x 50cm, it is going International, the requirements of the pieces. That comes out to about 19 3/4 inches :)