Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cutting Stencils & Masks

I played around cutting some stencils and masks from plastics, to play with on my Gelli plate. I had cut the ferny leaf one a month ago, with an Exacto knife, the others I cut with a scissors. On the new Gelli Arts blog they had a video demo of a botanical print they made on their new 8" round gelatin plate. They had used stencil/masks from Green Pepper Press her "Fronds" sets are much more delicate and flowing then the ones I made, and you can order hers for purchase. I decided to cut some of my own stencil/mask combos. I used two types of template plastic, and exposed X-ray plastic, one of the plastics was very heavy and difficult to cut. I started with poppy pods, as I have always loved the way they look, I have already made one art quilt with pods, using freezer paper masks, and printing. Then I made some wavy, leafy things and grass types and curls.
The spiky holly leaves were the heavy plastic, and all the points got bent, but I was able to smooth it out. The dark plastic is the X-ray film, it is light weight and easy to cut, I used a white marking pencil to draw my designs free hand. If you are careful cutting in one stroke, you can use both the negative and the positive image. I have made masks before, and I put them all on the computer, so I could print out as many as I needed, but with the paper, I still have to cut them out each time. These plastic ones will be more permanent, and won't stick in the paint.
After I had cut an assortment, I got a full sheet of X-ray film to cut long poppy pods, and one long leaf stem. When they are all mixed together and arranged they will be awesome. I can't wait for a play day to try them with the Gelli plate and paints!

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