Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stash Saturday 3 - Threads

I have a lot of thread, just like every thing else, this is a set of nice cotton DMC threads in a plastic case, that I got from my Mom.
The wire baskets with some of my rayon spools, was a garage sale find. It holds the larger size spools, that they don't make racks for. The smaller Sulky spools, I could use up in one project, as I love to use rayon thread to free motion quilt, so now I buy bigger spools. I always say, if a picture is worth a 1000 words, then it is certainly worth a 1000 yards of thread. When I thread paint a photograph on fabric, I will often use 4 or 5 colors on one flower, 4 shades of green on the leaves, and 4 different blues on the sky background. Changing bobbin threads to match helps give a smooth line of color on the top.
My pride and joy is my huge thread rack that some nice man made for his wife. I got it for $5 at an estate sale. The bottom 1/3 is my specialty threads, metallics, holographic, and smaller spools of rayons. The middle third has my cheap poly and cotton threads, that I use for matching bobbins, I have a shoe box full of extras too. The top third is a lot of top stitching and buttonhole threads, for when I was sewing Teddy Bears, fine lace thread, and miscellaneous stuff. I also have a BIG box of embroidery floss, yarns and fibers. I also have a box of vintage rayon embroidery floss, it is so shiny and slippery. Threads are like your fabric palette, you need to have the right thread, as I almost never use a contrasting color.

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