Friday, October 18, 2013

Foto Friday 4 - Orange Harvest

Mother Nature loves orange in the Autumn. Bright leaves, sunflowers, pumpkins & gourds. Many quilters are afraid of orange, just like they don't like yellow. I'll admit I don't have as much orange in my stash as I have yellow, but I still use it, mostly for it's use as a contrast to blue. I use it for terra cotta flower planters, salmon in the stream, orange juice or an orange Popsicle, orange can be found in many flowers and birds, beetles and butterflies.
I have always loved carving Jack-o-lanterns, as a kid it was a family endevour, I still carve pumpkins as a Halloween lure to our doorstep. I love the traditional last minute search for a candle, and fitting the lid on just right, and to watch them glow in the dark on the front porch. I've also many times saved the seeds to eat. Just wash them a bit, and soak them overnight in a bowl with water and 1/2 cup of salt. Drain the next morning and spread on a cookie sheet, bake on low til they start to dry and turn lightly brown.

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