Saturday, October 26, 2013

Layered Botanical Prints

Several more of the botanical Gelli Plate prints have been layered with stencils and acrylic paint. These 3 have a darker color paint for the stencil, but when I add background detail I tried to add a white and a dark. Then I added just a bit of another color for an accent. The sequin waste, I paint with a very dry stiff brush, for subtle color. I made a piece of template plastic, with one hole punch, so I can place a single small dot precisely placed. I also have a favorite tool, a silicon hot pad with a hexagon pattern on it, very flexible and rubbery, it makes great delicate texture. I just brush on a small bit of paint, and print with it.
A close up of the light teal print. It has several subtle shades, and textures.
The blue print on the left, has the same blue, painted stencils, as the ghost print on the right. My Ultramarine blue faded to turquoise with the addition of white, I also used a silver metallic paint on the two blue prints. I also cut a small dragonfly stencil about 1" across. Now I can't wait to free motion quilt them, and thread paint some 3-D dragonflies! How to thread paint a dragonfly

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