Saturday, October 5, 2013

Stash Saturday 2 - Green

"THEY'LL SELL YOU THOUSANDS OF GREENS. VERONESE GREEN, EMERALD GREEN AND CADMIUM GREEN AND ANY SORT OF GREEN YOU LIKE, BUT THAT PARTICULAR GREEN...NEVER!" PABLO PICASSO 1966 I love this quote, it explains why we, as quilt artists, have so much fabric! You have to have your color palette. We can't just mix paints like Picasso to get what we envision. My fabric is sorted by color, in this photo are most of my sections of greens. I do have some more, but that should not surprise you. The top two stacks are just batiks, then other batiks, then the bottom stacks are dark green to light greens. I have turquoise, teal, & blue/green separate. Most of my fabric selection is in quarters, long or fat, and half yards. If I need more for a border or backing, I'll go buy it. Buying smaller amounts, I can get more variety to my palette.
I LOVE lime green! Wow, it gives a spark of light to darker foliage, sunny highlights, and spring sprouts. One of the older issues of Australian Quilter had a quote, that one of the featured quilt shops said "Lime is the new neutral" The photo of the store had a whole long row of lime green fabrics. I used to be a blue/green person, all my leaves matched in color, just a little different in value or print. My older applique looks boring to me now. Nature has an unlimited palette of greens, to show the world. Mix and match, bright lime moss, with rich dark magnolia leaves, shadowy oak foliage and grass green. Then you can reach out to play with blue greens, gray greens, muddy green, avocado green, olive green, & pastel green. Do not limit your green choices with only the greens you like. It will make your art work more dynamic, to use a large variety. I save my scraps in a plastic 4 drawer set, one drawer alone for greens, when I need a leaf to applique I go to my scraps, why cut a new piece of fabric for a 2" square. I am a scrap saver! At $10 or more a yard, I'm being economically thrifty, that's what quilting is all about, using scraps to make something beautiful.

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